A lot of chiropractors struggle to make a good living. Why is that? If you are a chiropractor, you may think that this problem is uniquely a chiropractic problem. It’s not.

The struggles and failures that are seen amongst chiropractors can also be seen amongst other small business owners. That’s why I’ve always argued that the biggest problems chiropractors face in terms of their success have little to do with their clinical competence (although I believe that chiropractors should be clinically competent).

Most chiropractors fail to reach their goals and make the impact they want to make because of the fact that they are ill-equipped to run a business. That’s also why the temptation to look for shortcuts is only a short-term solution at best.

Your business and marketing competence is the foundation of your success. Without a good foundation, it won’t matter how many new patients you get from the latest marketing gimmick, sooner or later your business will crumble.

I talk about it more in this video. Check it out.

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Jerry Kennedy
Jerry Kennedy

Chiropractor, Jesus-follower, father of 3, meme wizard, podcast host, and founder of Rocket Chiro, a place where chiropractors can learn to decrease their business stress, and become the trusted, go-to chiropractor in their area.