8 No-Cost Facebook Tips For Chiropractors

Disclaimer: ALL of the things below should be done with the FB page of your practice, NOT your personal profile. 

#1: Connect Locally

Like the pages of other businesses and groups in your area. A great place to look for other local pages is to do a FB search for your city name or to visit the FB page of the city that your practice is in.

#2: Be Consistent

1-2 posts per day is plenty. More than that can be annoying to your audience. Space your posts out for the more reach. Pictures, videos, or links (with full-sized images) typically get more exposure than text alone.

#3: Schedule Your Posts

Use FBs post scheduling feature to schedule your posts throughout the day and week. This will allow you to get the exposure you want without having to log on multiple times per day and wasting time.

#4: Respond

In order to increase interaction, you need to interact. Respond to those who comment on your page. Respond to online reviews.

#5: Network Locally

Your Facebook page is a great place for online networking. Organic exposure is down for all local businesses. You help another local business and build deeper relationships when you take the time to like, share, comment, or leave a review for them.

#6: Quality Content

My content commandment is “Thou shalt NOT post anything that isn’t either informative, entertaining or inspiring.” Always selling your services, constantly trying to validate chiropractic, or posting self-focused (look at me!) content are usually great ways to hear crickets on your FB page.

#7: Smart Cover Photo (or video)

The biggest piece of visual real estate on your FB page is the cover photo on your home page. Don’t waste it. Your cover photo is the perfect place for a call-to-action, announcement, or social proof. It is NOT the place to put a picture of the outside of your office or a picture of your empty weighting room. 

#8: Call-To-Action Button

FB allows you to add a call-to-action button at the bottom of your cover photo. Use it! The button should be related to the call-to-action/topic that is in your banner photo.

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