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Fully-Managed SEO Service For Chiropractors

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Fully Managed SEO For Chiropractors

If you are a chiropractor who is SERIOUS about search engine optimization, you've come to the right place. Every managed SEO plan is custom to fit your needs and get your chiropractic practice the highest rankings on search engines. With an advanced multi-prong SEO strategy including on-page optimization, content creation, and link building, you'll get quicker rankings, long-lasting website traffic, and more new patients.

Great for chiropractors who want to get more new patients from ranking higher on Google
Great for chiropractors who want a fully customized done-for-you SEO plan with transparent reporting
Great for chiropractors who want to start ranking high on Google in a competitive chiropractic market
Not great for chiropractors who have an SEO budget less than $750/month

All-Inclusive Chiropractic SEO

Managed chiropractic SEO is an all-inclusive service that gets you targeted traffic from search engines - all build for you.

We’ve formulated a proven chiropractic SEO strategy that will for your specific practice. We take everything we’ve learned over the years and use it to design a custom SEO plan that will get you the best results as quickly as possible.

Our Strategy
You get a fully-managed chiropractic SEO solution that combines: Premium Content, Link Building, and On-Page Services, all with our best-in-the-business support and transparent reporting.

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local chiropractic seo reporting

Chiropractic SEO Pricing

Our managed chiropractic SEO service starts at $1000/mth.

Advanced chiropractic SEO strategy
Keyword research & competition analysis
High-quality, diverse link building
High-quality blog content
100% customized for your practice

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What Chiropractors Are Saying

Jerry is a genuine guy and does what he says. That is to set up your website and improve your Google ranking. There was no hype or exaggeration like most other "practice advisors". He also offers other services. Check him out.

google reviews for rocket chiropractic websites and seo

Rocket Chiro Client

Verified 5-Star Google Review

If there was 6 stars I’d give six! Excellent service, fantastic on turnaround time and really great to deal with. Jerry is the best web designer we have had, very generous with time, expertise and knowledge! Thanks Jerry.

google reviews for rocket chiropractic websites and seo

Rocket Chiro Client

Verified 5-Star (Would Have Been 6) Google Review

Jerry is responsive, communicates quickly, and is very reasonable with his prices. I'm happy with how nimble Rocket Chiro is with updates and changes to my website, and the feedback I've received about how to improve my image online.

google reviews for rocket chiropractic websites and seo

Rocket Chiro Client

Verified 5-Star Google Review

What a great experience working with Jerry at Rocket Chiro!! Jerry set up a meeting with me over the phone and spoke with me, getting a feel for what I wanted and expected. He told me what he could do and gave me some recommendations. 

After talking with him, I knew I made the right decision. Within a week Jerry had designed a spectacular website that I absolutely love. I have nothing but praise for Rocket Chiro and would recommend them to every chiropractor looking to build a professional website for their office.

google reviews for rocket chiropractic websites and seo

Rocket Chiro Client

Verified 5-Star Google Review

Benefits Of Fully-Managed SEO For Chiropractors

In the digital age, search engine optimization (SEO) has emerged as a critical aspect of marketing strategies for chiropractors. By optimizing their online presence, chiropractors can attract new patients, improve their reputation, and establish a strong digital footprint.

SEO Expertise & Experience

Chiropractic SEO is a specialized field that involves understanding complex algorithms, staying updated with constant changes from search engine providers, and implementing strategies accurately. By hiring a fully-managed chiropractic SEO service, chiropractors can benefit from the expertise of professionals who live and breathe SEO.

Time Efficiency

Chiropractic SEO isn’t a one-time task; it’s an ongoing process that requires continuous effort. By outsourcing, chiropractors can save valuable time that can be better utilized to focus on their core services, patient care.

Advanced Tools & Resources

Managed chiropractic SEO services have access to a range of advanced tools and software that can help track data, identify trends, and implement strategies more effectively. These resources may not be available or affordable for most chiropractors.

Consistent & Strategic Content Production

A significant aspect of managed SEO for chiropractors involves the production of high-quality, keyword-optimized content. SEO companies often have skilled content creators who can craft engaging content while ensuring SEO best practices.

Read more about the pros & cons of fully-managed SEO for chiropractic.

Podcasts About Chiropractic SEO

Factors That Help Chiropractors Improve SEO

A well-optimized website not only helps chiropractors reach potential patients but also builds credibility. Understanding the major SEO ranking factors can significantly elevate a chiropractor's website visibility in search results. Below are some of the pivotal SEO aspects that can make a tangible difference for chiropractic websites.

Content And Keywords Help SEO

Keywords: The cornerstone of effective chiropractic SEO is identifying the right keywords. SEO tools are can be used to help chiropractors find relevant phrases and terms your potential clients might be using to search for chiropractic services.

Value-Added Content: Quality and original content that resonates with the chiropractors target audience is a must. Chiropractors should infuse their chosen keywords naturally into their content.

Local SEO: Beyond Just Proximity

Google My Business: An optimized Google Business Profile is vital for local chiropractic SEO. Accurate details like the clinic name, address, phone number, and pertinent categories like "Chiropractor" or "Spinal Care Center" can significantly enhance local visibility.

Localized Keywords: Chiropractors should integrate local keywords into their metadata and website content. Phrases like "chiropractor in [Their City]" or "spinal care services in [Their City]" can make their website stand out in local search results.

Online Reviews: Online reviews significantly impact a chiropractor's local SEO. Chiropractors should have systems in place to encourage patients to leave reviews on platforms like Google. More reviews can improve a chiropractor's website authority, improve local SEO, and help chiropractors attract more local patients.

Quality Backlinks Help SEO

High-Standard Backlinks: The importance of backlinks in SEO for chiropractors remains unchanged. Chiropractors should aim for high-quality backlinks from authoritative healthcare portals or respected local business directories. They should avoid low-quality link farms. Junk backlinks can have a negative impact on a chiropractor's SEO

Descriptive Anchor Text: Chiropractors should keep their anchor text descriptive and relevant. Avoid generic phrases like "click here" and opt for text that indicates what the linked content is about.

Technical SEO Considerations

Page Load Speed: Slow page loading times can compromise user experience and hurt chiropractor's SEO rankings. Chiropractors should employ techniques like image optimization, browser caching, and CDNs to enhance load speed.

Mobile-Optimized Design: A mobile-friendly design is essential for chiropractors, given the increasing number of mobile search queries. A chiropractor's website should function well across all devices.

Enhanced User Experience

Site Navigation: A streamlined, easily navigable website reduces bounce rates and can boost chiropractic SEO.

CTR and Dwell Time: Factors like click-through rate (CTR) and how long a visitor stays on a chiropractor's site (dwell time) can influence the site's SEO rankings. Engaging, informative content can help optimize both.

The Power Of Social Media

Although not a direct SEO factor, a robust social media presence can indirectly bolster a chiropractor's SEO. Social shares, likes, and traffic can contribute to greater online visibility, which in turn, can boost organic website traffic.

Analytics And Continuous Monitoring

Continuous assessment of a chiropractor's SEO strategies is imperative. This will help the chiropractor understand what's working and make data-backed changes to enhance their SEO performance.

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The Importance of SEO for Chiropractors

It's not enough for chiropractors to simply offer the best care and hope that more patients will walk through their doors. With a significant portion of potential patients turning to search engines like Google to find local services, ranking high in search results has become crucial for chiropractors to expand their patient base and make a real impact in their community. 

Here's why search engine optimization (SEO) and ranking high on Google are pivotal for chiropractors:

1. Visibility Leads to More New Patients

Rising Above the Noise: The chiropractic industry is inundated with options for potential patients. Appearing on the first page of Google search results significantly increases visibility compared to chiropractors who are buried on later pages.

Trust and Credibility: Google's ranking algorithm takes into account the quality and relevance of content. A high ranking signals to potential patients that the chiropractic practice is reputable and recognized.

2. Understanding User Intent and Needs

Local Search: Most people looking for chiropractic services will want to find practitioners in their local area. With effective SEO strategies, chiropractors can appear in 'near me' searches, leading to higher traffic.

Specific Services: Through SEO, chiropractors can highlight specific services or treatments they offer, such as sports chiropractic or pediatric chiropractic care. This helps attract patients who are looking for specialized services.

3. Cost-Effective Marketing

Traditional advertising can be expensive, with no guarantee of a significant return on investment. SEO provides a cost-effective (in the long run) alternative where chiropractors can target specific demographics and patient needs, leading to an attraction of a more relevant and interested audience.

4. Build Relationships and Educate Patients

Beyond just getting patients through the door, SEO allows chiropractors to share informative content, such as blogs and articles, that can educate the public about the benefits of chiropractic care. This not only establishes the chiropractor as an expert in the field but also helps patients make informed decisions about their health.

Engaging content can also foster better patient-practitioner relationships, leading to increased trust and loyalty.

5. Adapting to Changing Patient Behavior

The modern patient is more informed and will often research before making healthcare decisions. A strong online presence ensures that when a potential patient is researching chiropractic care or searching for local chiropractors, your practice is one of the first they see.

SEO also allows for adaptability. As patient needs and search behaviors change, chiropractors can adjust their SEO strategies to match these shifts.

6. Enhancing the Overall User Experience

SEO is not just about keywords and backlinks. It also encompasses optimizing website speed, mobile responsiveness, and ensuring that the website is user-friendly. A well-optimized website can make it easier for potential patients to navigate, find necessary information, and book appointments.

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Our Chiropractic Services

NEXT Step Membership | $89/mth

Get access to an on-demand library of 250+ business & marketing trainings that you can start using right away. 

These common-sense trainings give you the foundation you need to succeed in business. Unlimited support and the monthly print patient newsletter are included. Learn More.

Great for chiropractors who want to start their own practice but are unsure about where to start
Great for chiropractors who already have a practice but still feel stressed about business/marketing
Great for chiropractors who need a business & marketing resource for their young associates
Not great for chiropractors who don't have the time to learn new skills and develop new habits
best ever chiropractic websites

Website Build & Management | $125/mth + setup

Many chiropractors have websites that are clunky, cluttered, and confusing. A bad website hurts your ability to attract new patients.

Rocket Chiro can build and manage your brand new chiropractic website that is simple, professional, and that helps your practice grow.

Great for chiropractors who want a website that is designed to attract new patients.
Great for chiropractors who want a website that works but they don't want to mess with it themselves
Great for chiropractors who want a professional and affordable website that represents their practice well
Not great for chiropractors who want to build and tinker with their own website
get more google reviews for chiroprators rocket chiro

Get More Reviews + Google Profile Management | $300/mth

If you want to start improving your Google maps rankings, getting more reviews, and maximizing your reputation, this is the option for you. 

NEXT Step membership and monthly print patient newsletter included.

Great for chiropractors who want to improve their Google maps rankings
Great for chiropractors who have a referral-based practice and are looking to expand their marketing
Great for chiropractors who have an established practice with more people to ask for reviews
Not great for chiropractors who have a very small practice with few people to ask for reviews
fully managed seo for chiropractors

Fully Managed Advanced SEO Service | $750/mth

We create an advanced, customized SEO strategy specifically for your practice, execute our custom plan, and provide transparent reporting so you can watch your rankings grow.

You get to increase your traffic and rankings and attract more new patients without lifting a finger.

NEXT Step membership and monthly print patient newsletter included.

Great for chiropractors who want to dominate their local Google rankings
Great for chiropractors who want a fully customized done-for-you SEO plan with transparent reporting
Great for chiropractors who want to start ranking high on Google in a competitive chiropractic market
Not great for chiropractors who have a very tight marketing budget
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