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The Rocket Chiropractic Podcast is the business and marketing podcast for chiropractors. Hosted by Dr. Jerry Kennedy, this podcast provides practical, common-sense, patient-centered tips that chiropractors can start using right away.

So if you are a new chiropractor, a struggling chiropractor, or just a chiropractor looking for tips to grow, subscribe now. Get practical advice designed to help you decrease the stress around growing your practice, help you help more people, and help you start growing your income.

Popular Rocket Chiropractic Podcast Episodes

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300: This Is Chiropractic!

Episode 300! That’s crazy. Let’s talk about chiropractic! 

In this episode of the Rocket Chiropractic Podcast, I talk about vitalistic chiropractic vs mechanistic chiropractic. I discuss the personalities, practice styles, and even the style choices of each side.

I also talk about the dangers that chiropractors face when they go to the extremes of chiropractic. Listen to the full episode here.

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327: 8 Chiropractic Lies

Running a successful chiropractic practice is hard. Running a successful chiropractic practice while believing a lie (or lies)…that’s harder.

In this episode of the Rocket Chiropractic Podcast, I talk about the 8 lies that chiropractors tell themselves and each other. I discuss the additional stress that comes along with unrealistic expectations, and how believing any of these chiropractic lies will undermine their success. Listen to the full episode here.

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355: Understanding Patient Retention For Chiropractors

Patient retention is an important topic for chiropractors. Not only is it tough to run a successful small business if everyone who comes in the front door is leaving out the back, but it’s also difficult to help people as a chiropractor if patients won’t follow through with care.

In this episode, I give an overview of patient retention for chiropractors. I discuss some of the misconceptions that chiropractors believe about retention, and I talk about the difference between lifetime patients and wellness patients. Listen to the full episode here.

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365: How Much Money Do Chiropractors Make?

I’m going to start off by saying this, most chiropractors should make more money. It costs a lot of time and money to become a chiropractor and there are a LOT of them who are struggling to make ends meet. Why is that?

In this episode of the Rocket Chiropractic Podcast, I talk about how much money chiropractors make in each state. I discuss how the average income for chiropractors and schooling costs compare to other professions. And I talk about the biggest factor when it comes to how much money a chiropractor makes. Listen to the full episode here.

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367: Why I Dislike Year-Long Chiropractic Care Plans

Year-long chiropractic care plans are pretty common amongst a lot of chiropractors. Patients will come in with a particular problem (big and small) and they will leave with care recommendations that last for an entire year.

Where did the practice of year-long care plans come from? Why would chiropractors think it’s a good thing? Why would chiropractors be opposed to it? Listen to the full episode here.

chiropractic podcast with ring dinger Dr. Gregory Johnson

417: Ring Dinger Interview

Almost 2 years ago, I decided to do a podcast where I talked about Why Chiropractors Dislike the Ring Dinger. 

Fast forward to last week, I finally got a chance to interview Dr. Greg on my podcast. We talked about how the Ring Dinger came about. We discussed his practice philosophy and how it impacts the care he provides. We also talked about his YouTube success and the downside of being YouTube famous. Listen to the full episode here.

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425: Harsh Reality For Chiropractors

Chiropractors have such high expectations when they first start their careers. But the life of a chiropractor rarely works out the way they all think it will. Lots of ups and downs. If a chiropractor is ready for it, they will do much better.

In this week’s chiropractic podcast, I talk about the difference between expectations and reality for chiropractors. I discuss some of the real-life things that people in my chiropractic class have experienced. I also talk about how to change your thinking about life in order to thrive. Listen to the full episode here.

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Unlock Your Practice Potential with the Rocket Chiropractic Podcast

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, chiropractors often find themselves juggling multiple roles. From patient care to practice management and marketing, there’s always something that demands attention. But as many successful chiropractors would tell you, continuous learning is a cornerstone for growth, both personally and professionally. 

That’s where the Rocket Chiropractic Podcast comes into play, serving as a one-stop-shop for invaluable insights into business and marketing specifically tailored for chiropractic practices.

Navigating the Maze of Chiropractic Business and Marketing

Let’s face it—business and marketing are disciplines that often require as much attention and expertise as the chiropractic care you provide. From understanding how to set appropriate fees to mastering online marketing, the challenges can sometimes be overwhelming. 

The Rocket Chiropractic Podcast demystifies these complex topics in a language you can understand, providing actionable advice that you can immediately apply to your practice.

Why Listen to the Rocket Chiropractic Podcast?

Expert Guidance

The Rocket Chiropractic Podcast isn’t just another marketing podcast; it’s a show focused exclusively on the chiropractic profession. You’ll gain insights from someone who understand the unique needs and challenges of running a chiropractic practice. This specificity makes the advice more applicable and impactful, enhancing its value immeasurably.

Time-Saving Tips

Time is a precious resource, especially when you’re wearing multiple hats. One of the most significant advantages of podcasts is the convenience they offer. You can listen to them while commuting, working out, or whenever you have a break. 

Rocket Chiropractic's episodes are designed to be concise yet impactful, offering high-value information in a timely manner.

Diverse Range of Topics

The podcast covers a multitude of subjects relevant to chiropractors. Whether you’re struggling with client retention, grappling with the intricacies of social media marketing, or just looking for innovative ways to grow, there’s likely an episode tailored to your needs. 

Each topic is presented in a straightforward manner, devoid of unnecessary impractical advice or pushy sales tactics.

Building a Community

Listening to the Rocket Chiropractic Podcast also introduces you to a community of like-minded chiropractors facing similar challenges. It's important for chiropractors to learn that they are NOT alone. 

Other chiropractors have most likely gone through what you are going through. It's going to be OK.

Free and Accessible

Lastly, one can’t ignore the fact that this wealth of information is available for free. Unlike expensive seminars or in-person meetings, the Rocket Chiropractic Podcast provides quality content accessible at your convenience, requiring nothing but a smartphone and a pair of earphones.

More Than Just a Podcast

The Rocket Chiropractic Podcast is more than just a show; it’s a resource, a mentor, and a community all rolled into one. The business and marketing insights tailored for chiropractors make it a must-listen for anyone serious about decreasing their business stress and elevating their chiropractic practice. Don’t just take our word for it, tune in to an episode today.

Rocket Chiro Podcast Reviews

Time efficient, effective advice 

"I came across this while listening to the FTCA podcast, and I've been listening since! The advice and tips Dr. Kennedy gives in the podcast is well thought out and effective, and can be applied to students and practicing chiropractors throughout the profession!"

by K.Case5 - Apple Podcast Review & 5 Star Rating

Great podcast!

"Great podcast, everything they didn't teach us about business and marketing in school."

by Matt Uhrik - Apple Podcast Review & 5 Star Rating

Valuable Wisdom Here

"I listen each week. They're incredibly useful. Jerry is always offering creative tips (for FREE!!) to chiropractors in the podcast. Other chiropractic podcast are typical mundane interviews with chiropractors just stroking their own egos. This podcast doesn't do that stuff. It's all about providing value. Thanks for the hard work and dedication to your listeners."

by Adrock04 - Apple Podcast Review & 5 Star Rating

Required Curriculum!

"This podcast should be required at all chiropractic colleges for their soon-to-be graduating students. I wish I would've heard this and joined right out of school. It would have saved me from making several (expensive) mistakes."

by Huffles414141 - Apple Podcast Review & 5 Star Rating

Great Podcast

"Jerry tells it like it is! Great listen for new or old chiropractors or anyone that owns a business. Great content to think through and take action on. The rants keep it interesting and entertaining - pretty spot on."

by CBS32 - Apple Podcast Review & 5 Star Rating

A breath of fresh air

"I've been involved with some coaching and practice management, and it's mind boggling the amount of false promises and salesiness out there. To have someone say that you can build a practice by treating people right...thank you, Jerry! Great business advice, greta people advice, very listenable. All-around great podcast if you are a chiropractor interested in taking care of people and being honest with them."

by Local server - Apple Podcast Review & 5 Star Rating

Real and Relevant

"No B.S., all good content. VERY refreshing, ethical, relationship-oriented, and practical practice tips."

by Dig6 - Apple Podcast Review & 5 Star Rating

Thank you!

"I came across Dr. Jerry on Facebook for some reason. WOW. I wish I had found this when he first began. What a resource. Dr. Jerry, thank you!"

by Doctajgh - Apple Podcast Review & 5 Star Rating

I don't write reviews, but...

"I have (in 4 months) now listened to all episodes of this podcast. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Jerry's take on relationships-based chiropractic practice for any DCs out there interested in building a practice with a firm foundation rooted in patient-centered care."

by BThompson423 - Apple Podcast Review & 5 Star Rating

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