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#1 Patient-Centered Chiropractic Podcast

The Rocket Chiropractic Podcast is the go-to podcast for people-centered chiropractors. It's purpose is to help chiropractors reduce their stress around business and marketing, and help them become the trusted, go-to chiropractor in their area. Enjoy!

Some Of The Latest Episodes

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What Chiropractors Are Saying About The Podcast


Time efficient, effective advice 

"I came across this while listening to the FTCA podcast, and I've been listening since! The advice and tips Dr. Kennedy gives in the podcast is well thought out and effective, and can be applied to students and practicing chiropractors throughout the profession!"

by K.Case5 - Apple Podcast Review & 5 Star Rating


Great podcast!

"Great podcast, everything they didn't teach us about business and marketing in school."

by Matt Uhrik - Apple Podcast Review & 5 Star Rating


Valuable Wisdom Here

"I listen each week. They're incredibly useful. Jerry is always offering creative tips (for FREE!!) to chiropractors in the podcast. Other chiropractic podcast are typical mundane interviews with chiropractors just stroking their own egos. This podcast doesn't do that stuff. It's all about providing value. Thanks for the hard work and dedication to your listeners."

by Adrock04 - Apple Podcast Review & 5 Star Rating


Required Curriculum!

"This podcast should be required at all chiropractic colleges for their soon-to-be graduating students. I wish I would've heard this and joined right out of school. It would have saved me from making several (expensive) mistakes."

by Huffles414141 - Apple Podcast Review & 5 Star Rating


Great Podcast

"Jerry tells it like it is! Great listen for new or old chiropractors or anyone that owns a business. Great content to think through and take action on. The rants keep it interesting and entertaining - pretty spot on."

by CBS32 - Apple Podcast Review & 5 Star Rating


A breath of fresh air

"I've been involved with some coaching and practice management, and it's mind boggling the amount of false promises and salesiness out there. To have someone say that you can build a practice by treating people right...thank you, Jerry! Great business advice, greta people advice, very listenable. All-around great podcast if you are a chiropractor interested in taking care of people and being honest with them."

by Local server - Apple Podcast Review & 5 Star Rating


Real and Relevant

"No B.S., all good content. VERY refreshing, ethical, relationship-oriented, and practical practice tips."

by Dig6 - Apple Podcast Review & 5 Star Rating


Thank you!

"I came across Dr. Jerry on Facebook for some reason. WOW. I wish I had found this when he first began. What a resource. Dr. Jerry, thank you!"

by Doctajgh - Apple Podcast Review & 5 Star Rating


I don't write reviews, but...

"I have (in 4 months) now listened to all episodes of this podcast. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Jerry's take on relationships-based chiropractic practice for any DCs out there interested in building a practice with a firm foundation rooted in patient-centered care."

by BThompson423 - Apple Podcast Review & 5 Star Rating

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