The Inside Out Newsletter Difference...

A print patient newsletter may seem a bit old-school, but there is some real science behind why chiropractors should still use them. Print patient newsletters can increase both retention and referrals when used and properly implemented. Inside the Academy, there is a whole system built around using print patient newsletters. The great news…you don’t have to write it. A new, high-quality patient newsletter is created for you each month.

Newsletter Marketing

There is an entire system that goes along with the Inside Out newsletter. It's smart and scalable. How you use the newsletter is totally up to you.

Quality Monthly Content

A new pro-chiropractic, health & fitness newsletter is created monthly and allows you to stay in touch with patients.

Printer Ready

The Inside Out newsletter is delivered monthly in PDF formate and is ready to print. This allows you to print as many or as few as you need.

Call-To-Action Insert

Add a custom call-to-action insert to each newsletter can increase referrals, reactivations or reviews. The possibilities are endless.

Ways To Use This Chiropractic Newsletter

Patient Handout

Using a written newsletter as a handout is the most cost effective way to implement it, but NOT the most effective way. This should only be used as a short term solution for offices with financial restraints.

VIP Mailing + Patient Handout

Make a VIP list of your best patients...the one's most likely to refer. Mail your print chiropractic newsletter to your VIP list each month. Use it as a handout for everyone else.

VIP Mailing + Patient Handout + Quarterly Inactive Mailing

Same as the #2. Mail monthly to your VIPs and use the newsletter as a handout for everyone else. Add a quarterly mailing to your inactive patients with a compelling incentive to reactivate.

Active Patient Mailing + NP Handout + Quarterly Inactive Mailing

Mail your chiropractic newsletter to active patients each month. Hand out the newsletter to any New Patients that start during the month as a part of the New Patient process. Mail quarterly to your inactive patients with a compelling incentive to reactivate.

Active Patient Mailing + Inactive Patient Mailing + NP Handout

Mail your chiropractic newsletter to both active and inactive patients each month. Hand out the newsletter to any New Patients that start during the month as a part of the New Patient process.

Why Print Patient Newsletters Work...

Builds Long-Term Relationships

Ongoing communication is key to long-term doctor/patient relationships. Newsletters are the best way to stay in touch with and add value to your existing patients.

Valued by Patients

Patients value written newsletters over office handouts, emails or social media posts. A written newsletter is less likely to be missed in the clutter, and patients look forward to them.

Patients Share Quality Content

Quality content is valuable to both patients and non-patients. Informative, inspiring and entertaining content is more likely to be shared with friends and family.

Newsletter Inserts Allow You To Market Internally

Once you have provided value, you can ask for something. A newsletter insert with a specific call-to-action can be used to increase referrals, reactivations, online reviews and much more.

Print Chiropractic Newsletter vs. An Email Newsletter

In today's digitally saturated world, the allure of sending an email newsletter is tempting for any business—including chiropractic practices. After all, it's quick, inexpensive, and can reach hundreds of patients within seconds. However, the merits of traditional print newsletters for chiropractors should not be overlooked. 

While both mediums have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, let's delve into why a print chiropractic newsletter can offer unique benefits that an email newsletter may not fully provide.

Tangibility and Visibility

Unlike an email newsletter that might end up in the spam folder or go unread among dozens of other promotional messages, a print newsletter is a physical entity. The tactile experience of holding a well-designed, high-quality paper can create a memorable impression. In addition, it’s likely to stay on a coffee table, be pinned to a fridge, or shared with a friend or family member, thereby increasing its lifespan and reach.

Focused Engagement

Reading from a paper generally involves fewer distractions than reading from a screen where multiple tabs, notifications, and constant bombardment of information can divert attention. A print newsletter allows your patients to focus solely on the valuable content you provide, such as chiropractic advice, exercises, or dietary tips, thereby increasing their engagement and retention of information.

Builds a Strong Brand Image

A carefully designed and well-executed print newsletter can speak volumes about your chiropractic practice's professionalism and attention to detail. From the choice of paper to the quality of printing, every aspect contributes to the overall image of your brand. This is an opportunity to present your practice as reliable, trustworthy, and high-quality—values that are crucial for any healthcare provider.

Higher Read Rates

Multiple studies have shown that print materials generally enjoy higher read rates compared to digital counterparts. The simple act of receiving a print newsletter in the mail can invoke a sense of novelty and curiosity, prompting the recipient to read it immediately or set it aside for future reading, rather than being deleted or ignored like an email.

Lower Competition

As businesses increasingly move toward digital marketing methods, there's less competition in the physical mailbox compared to the overcrowded inbox. This means that your print newsletter has a better chance of standing out and capturing your patients' attention.

Psychological Ownership

The feeling of owning a physical item can create a psychological connection that's harder to achieve with digital content. Patients who receive a print newsletter might feel a stronger sense of community and relationship with your practice, which can lead to increased loyalty.

Builds Trust Through Investment

Sending out a print newsletter represents a tangible investment in your patient relationships, both in terms of money and effort. This act can be seen as a commitment to quality and customer service, thereby increasing trust among your patient base.


While email newsletters offer the advantages of speed, low cost, and ease of tracking, a print chiropractic newsletter provides unique benefits that can result in deeper engagement, higher visibility, and stronger brand loyalty. 

In an ideal scenario, a balanced combination of both print and digital newsletters could offer the most comprehensive way to connect with your patients. However, dismissing the traditional print medium could mean missing out on powerful ways to connect, educate, and build lasting relationships with your community.

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