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Getting Started Link & How-To Video

If you want to improve your Google rankings, you should consider improving your citations. Some of this stuff you can change on your own, but some of it is better left to the professionals. I recommend using a company called Bright Local

You can click on the button below to setup your free account. Also, there is a video explaining more about citations and how to place an order with Bright Local. 

VIDEO: How To Place An Order With Bright Local

What To Expect When You Place An Order

1: Campaign Ordered 

First we review the data and check with you if we suspect that there are any errors in the data. Then we complete all submissions and update sites where requested.

2: Reviewing Data (Day 1-2) 

3: Submitting to Sites (Day 3-7) 

4: Live Listing Checks (Day 7-38)

At this stage, we check all sites to ensure quality and accuracy of data (3 days). Then we regularly check for listings to go live until we're satisfied that at least 70% of your listings are published.

5: Campaign Complete

Great news! We've completed the submission and quality check of your listings. You might have to wait a bit longer for the slowcoach sites to catch up and put your listings live, but you can easily update your Citation Builder report once you see the last ones published.

How long does it take for listings to go live?

On some sites, this happens instantly. On other sites this can take a few days or weeks due to their differing editorial processes.

We guarantee that all submissions and quality assurance (QA) checks will be completed within 10 days of purchase.

We also guarantee that at least a 70% of your listings will be live/updated within 38 days of purchase. If they aren't we'll submit to extra sites free of charge.

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