Sometimes I forget that some of my listeners don’t know that I was a chiropractor for 9 years. I’m not just some guy who’s trying to help chiropractors to make a buck. I genuinely care about the chiropractic profession, which is why it’s always strange when someone accuses me of being anti-chiropractic.

Yes, I do criticize the chiropractic profession. But that’s not because I hate it. It’s because I love chiropractic and I would like to see the profession grow. Chiropractic care is awesome, and more people need to be exposed to it.

With that said, I thought it might be interesting to talk about a few things that I HATE about the chiropractic profession and why I wish they were different. Also, I talk about a few things that I LOVE about chiropractic and what makes the profession so great. So in this podcast, that’s exactly what I do.

Let’s get into it!

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Jerry Kennedy
Jerry Kennedy

Chiropractor, Christian, husband, father, chiropractic meme wizard, podcast host, and founder of Rocket Chiro