Most chiropractors that I speak with will mention referrals as a major part of their ideal practice. Referrals are awesome. I’ll add to that, online reviews are awesome, too. They can be the lifeblood of a stable, successful, patient-centered chiropractic practice.

In this week’s chiropractic podcast, I talk about the simple mistake that many chiropractors make when it comes to getting referrals and reviews. I discuss how changing the environment of your practice can make a huge difference in the number of referrals and reviews you get. Let’s talk about it.

If you would like to get more patients from the internet, improving your Google listing, getting more reviews, or optimizing your website, I would love to show you how.

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Jerry Kennedy
Jerry Kennedy

Chiropractor, Christian, husband, father, chiropractic meme wizard, podcast host, and founder of Rocket Chiro