Here’s the deal…I don’t have any idea how this whole virus stuff is going to play out. However, I am VERY confident that this will not be the end of the world and that people will still need chiropractors when this is all done.

So, I’m going to focus on helping chiropractors (like I normally do) and leave the rest of it up to those who are smarter than me. In this episode, I talk about how to make your chiropractic website more findable. I discuss the most important onsite and offsite things that will impact your SEO. Enjoy!

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Jerry Kennedy
Jerry Kennedy

Chiropractor, Jesus-follower, father of 3, meme wizard, podcast host, and founder of Rocket Chiro, a place where chiropractors can learn to decrease their business stress, and become the trusted, go-to chiropractor in their area.