*This chiropractic podcast episode has been archived*

Are chiropractors that different? I used to think so. But when you look closer at it, chiropractors say a lot of the same things (in slightly different ways). They use a lot of the same materials (mostly bought from the same place). Heck…even half of their logos look the same.

In this episode, I talk about the price that chiropractors pay for being the same as everyone else. I discuss why most chiropractors aren’t unique. I also challenge chiropractors to start setting themselves apart. Enjoy!

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Jerry Kennedy
Jerry Kennedy

Chiropractor, Jesus-follower, father of 3, meme wizard, podcast host, and founder of Rocket Chiro, a place where chiropractors can learn to decrease their business stress, and become the trusted, go-to chiropractor in their area.