*This chiropractic podcast episode has been archived*

Let’s talk about money…after all…we are running businesses. A lot of chiropractors are awkward when it comes to asking patients for money. Sometimes it’s just because they haven’t had much practice asking for money. Sometimes it’s because they have some unhealthy thoughts/feelings around money. Many times…it’s both.

In this episode of the podcast, I talk about why many chiropractors put too much emphasis on money.  I discuss why getting the most you can from someone isn’t always a good thing. I talk about what makes something expensive vs cheap. I also point out two things that are important to emphasize if you want patients to not be money focused. Enjoy!

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Jerry Kennedy
Jerry Kennedy

Chiropractor, Jesus-follower, father of 3, meme wizard, podcast host, and founder of Rocket Chiro, a place where chiropractors can learn to decrease their business stress, and become the trusted, go-to chiropractor in their area.